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Daniel Carroll (
Datum:Di 22 Jul 2003 12:40:08 CEST
Betreff:PlayRec is very useful

I am using PlayRec to record cassettes prior to cleaning the files with dnoise.exe from the csound package from MIT's electronics music lab. Works great and has a very small load on the CPU, 6% or so on an 800MHz Athlon.

Thanks for the good work.


Björn Söderström (
Datum:So 23 Nov 2003 13:08:17 CET
Betreff:Software for eCS


I have used both your replacement for ISDNPM and the cleanini utility with excellent results. Keep up the good work! If you should be interested in to have any of your software translated into Swedish, contact me and I will perform it for free.


Brian White (
Datum:Mo 15 Dez 2003 12:39:38 CET
Betreff:PGP Filter

I have just downloaded the PGP filter pmmail rexx script.

Thanks to Carsten


Lars Erdmann (
Datum:Fr 14 Jan 2005 22:13:57 CET

Hallo Carsten,

eigentlich gefällt mir dein Tool ganz gut, aber leider bringt es einige Programme zum Absturz. Da es Freeware ist, würde mich interessieren, ob ich den Sourcecode haben könnte, daß ich den Fehler suchen und beheben kann.

Gruß, Lars


Ted Edwards (
Datum:Sa 03 Dez 2005 19:58:34 CET
Betreff:PlayRec and Copywave

I am using your PlayRec v. 0.17 and Copywave 1.14 and find them excellent excellent. I am using them for both off-air recording and moving our large collection of cassette tapes to digital. My computer is an IBM ThunkPad T23 running eCS1.2. I record the material with PlayRec in record mode in 10 minute files (for convenience) then play back with Playrec. As I listen I prepare a script for a program I wrote in APL2. I then invoke my APL2 function which calls Copywave to do the actual cuts. This all works very well. I save the reulting alblums as .FLAC files on DVDs and as .OGGs on the hard drive for convenient playing.

If I may make two comments:

1) Sometimes the space bar switches the word "Paused" on the screen but does not switch the playing.

2) Currently the speed can be shifted by "
+ speed x 0.001 faster
- speed x 0.001 slower
ctrl++ speed x 1 faster
ctrl+- speed x 1 slower
This would be even more usefull if the speed could be varied in steps of 0.1 as well as .001 and 1. Perhaps shift++, shift+-?

Regards (and thanks for a very useful program),

Should you have any interest in my APL program(s), I would be happy to send them to you.



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